Sunday, 15 September 2013

Tips to Make Your Instagram Private

Instagram is a famous video and photos sharing application and a large number of people are using it for different purposes. Everyone who shares his/her pictures and personal details think about its security. It is fact that the photos and videos of Instagram are directly visible to the world. People take this aspect of Instagram in different manners like this visibility is really beneficial for those who want to increase their Instagram followers but this visibility is not good for those who are interested to make their Instagram account limited to their friends and family members. Visible Instagram account can increase the chances of copyright infringement, spam and cyber stalking therefore you have to be careful about it. 

Steps to Make Your Account Private
A panel of privacy designed by Instagram has solved this problem as you can set your privacy settings through this panel. You can enable control access to the panel and you can set the name of those followers who want to view your posts and become your Instagram followers. You can easily make your Instagram account private or limited to few persons by following below given easy steps:

  • ·    In first step, log in to your account or launch Instagram via your smart phone. Click on the profile photo to get option to “Edit Your Profile” from the drop down menu. If you are using Instagram on your iPhone then you will get this option in the lower left corner of the menu located next to your profile photo.
    ·    Here you will find “Posts are Private”

    option after loading of page so enable it by checking the box next to this option. In the iOS app, you have to roll down the option and clasp the parallel switch to “On”.

    ·    Carefully approve or ignore request of each follower while selecting those Instagram follower who can view your uploaded videos and photos. Requests of followers will be appeared in “News Feed”.

    Ways to Block Unwanted Followers

    ·    Steer the profile of Instagram follower you wish to block and this can be done via a link to the photo stream of users or you can also use search box to search the name of specific follower.
    ·    Hit “Share” tab available as a box with a right arrow to get pop-up context menu. You will get “Block” option; hit it to block the required user. The blocked Instagram follower will not be able to view your photos, videos and profile information. He/she even cannot search you on Instagram. You can unblock any user in the same fashion by selecting “Unblock menu”.
    ·    You can inform Instagram or any other law enforcement about any threat or harassment of any user(s).